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Digger and Driver Hire

There are times when hand tools are not enough for certain jobs. For groundworks especially, hiring a digger can make the job much quicker and easier.

We can provide mini digger and driver hire on a daily rate or priced for an individual project.

Mini digger and driver hire can be less expensive than you might have thought. It can also save you many hours of manual labour and cut down on the number of labourers that you need for a project. A mini digger can also be used to lift and move bags of materials or move waste items into  a skip, thereby saving your further labour and time.

Our mini digger and driver services include:

  • Reducing ground levels.
  • Clearing scrub and vegetation.
  • Removal of tree stumps.
  • Digging out ponds/pond construction.
  • Digging out borders and preparing for planting.
  • Excavating foundations for driveways, house extensions, conservatories, sheds and other small constructions.


What kind of digger and driver do you hire?

Our mini digger is a 2 tonne mini excavator that is small enough to fit into most gardens, but suitable for most landscaping and small construction projects.

How much does a mini digger and driver cost?

Please contact us for a quotation for mini digger and driver hire. Our prices include fuel, transport and a qualified driver.

We always hire our digger with a driver; this negates the need for you to pay an additional damage deposit or to provide fuel. If you’re not used to operating a digger, having a trained driver makes the job much quicker and could save money in the long run. The driver will know the digger’s full capabilities and limitations and how to operate it to its full potential.

How far will you travel?

We can provide a mini digger and driver to most places in Norfolk and North Suffolk. Contact us to find out if we cover your area.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with full public liability insurance.

Can you take away waste soil or vegetation?

Yes, we can remove soil and vegetation for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Will the digger’s tracks damage my driveway?

Our mini digger runs on rubber tracks so it will not cause damage to block paving. In hot weather, tarmac can become soft, so it may be advisable to put down protective boarding. We will assess this before we begin work.

Looking for mini digger and diver hire near me? Get in touch with us today!