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What is a Septic Tank?

A Septic tank is typically installed underground, or partially in the ground, in which sewage is collected and allowed to decompose naturally before draining by means of a soakaway. Septic tanks collect and treat wastewater at a property that is not connected to the mains sewer system. The tank is a chamber typically made of concrete, fibreglass, PVC or plastic. It is usually made up of two chambers or compartments and receives wastewater from an inlet pipe.

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How does a Septic Tank work?

Wastewater from your toilet, bath, kitchen and laundry flows into the tank entering the first chamber and separates over time. Solids settle at the bottom, oils form a layer at the top, and a layer of clear water remains in the middle. The clarified wastewater enters the second chamber, exiting into a septic drain field such as a Soakaway. The remaining solids are broken down by naturally occurring bacteria and should be removed professionally. How often it needs emptying depends on a range of factors. This can vary from the size of the tank to the amount of waste that is added to the tank. Some Septic Tanks need emptying every couple of years, while others can go for decades before needing to be emptied. If the solids are not removed, they will accumulate and eventually overflow into the drain field, which can cause extensive damage.

Maintaining a Septic Tank

To extend the life of your Septic Tank we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your tank is continually well maintained. We recommend you never lift the lid of a septic tank yourself, the gases and bacteria in the tank are dangerous if inhaled. It is advised that no sanitary items, wet wipes, food waste, fat, grease or anything aside from excretion is flushed down the toilet. This could result in blockages that can cause flooding.

Choose Norfolk Professional Landscapers for your Septic Tank

All our Septic Tank instillation’s comply with Environment Agency Binding Rules. With over 15 years in the gardening and sewage industry, we’re a name you can trust. We will ensure your Septic Tank is installed and maintained with the highest levels of skill and professionalism. We are the the go-to supplier and installer of for Septic Tanks in Norfolk.

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