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Soakaway Experts

A Soakaway is a traditional drainage system that slowly drains and redistributes water back into the soil. They are used to disperse effluent from a septic tank, sewage treatment plant, or surface water back into the ground. They are square or circular pits in the ground, lined with a plastic or metal crates filled with gravel, rubble, or hardcore. For example, if there is a depression in a gravel drive, this drainage system can stop the depression from flooding.

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Eco-Friendly Drainage System

Soakaways are one of the most common forms of surface water disposal. They are very popular due to their low environmental impact. This effective drainage system uses few materials, only dealing with surface water in the area where it is occurring. Therefore, avoiding the need for processing or adding to the overburdened council drainage and sewerage systems. It also avoids the need for chemical treatments before being returned into the Eco system. Also, any surface water is less likely to become polluted before it returns into the ground.

Instillation of Soakaways

Design and installation is subject to building regulations and the area requiring treatment. The size of a Soakaway is defined by the length of the Soakaway and the flows the soakaway will receive. It is also defined by the porosity of the ground into which the soakaway disperses, and how the effluent is treated. Tests will be carried out on your soil to determine the ability of the ground to absorb water. We use this information to calculate the length and design of the soakaway needed. Soakaways laid at incorrect gradients and depths with incorrect layouts will not function correctly and can have costly consequences.

Choose Norfolk Professional Landscapers for your Soakaway

We receive many calls each year regarding failed Soakaways. The correct design and installation of a Soakaway will avoid unnecessary and costly problems. We comply with all the necessary building regulations and can be on hand to guide you through the entire process.

Soakaways can work together with a Septic Tank or completely separately. If you would like more information please Contact Us and we will help to answer any questions you might have.